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Princess Junk - Prince Junk - Red Dragon Junk - Dragon Pearl Junk


Princess Junk

>> Princess Junk Halong Bay Trip 2 Days/1 Night

>> Princess Junk Halong Bay Trip 3 Days/2 Nights

>> Princess Junk Halong Bay Trip 4 Days/3 Nights

The Princess -detailed with elegance for the two of you.
Our Princess is designed in the style of the traditional sailing boats of Halong Bay. It is the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay. She is designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to every single detail, for our guests’ enjoyment, especially their viewing pleasure. From the moment you step aboard, to the time you check-in to your cabin, to when you are relaxing on the sun deck, you are surrounded by handcrafted teak and oak. During her construction, every effort was made to adorn our Princess to be part of our royal family of Chinese junks. The Princess is perfect for both a romantic getaway, and for honeymooners.

Features of the Princess

Number of junks: 4
The Princess 1 and The Princess 2 -Launched September 2007
The Princess 3 and The Princess 4 -Launched May 2008
Length: 17.0 metres
Width: 5.2 metres
1 Deluxe Cabin with en-suite bathroom
1 Lounge Deck for dinning
1 Sundeck and Relaxation Area
1 Staff Section
1 Kitchen


The Prince Junk

>> Prince Junk Halong Bay Trip 2 Days/1 Night

>> Prince Junk Halong Bay Trip 3 Days/2 Nights

>> Prince Junk Halong Bay Trip 4 Days/3 Nights

Prince Junk - youthful and fun, the family man on the water!

The Prince junk was designed after the traditional fishing boats of Halong Bay, only on a slightly smaller scale with either 2 or 4 cabins. Like all of our boats, Prince junk is designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to detail for our guests’ enjoyment, especially their viewing pleasure. From the time you step aboard, to the time you check-in to your cabin, to when you are relaxing on the sun desk, you are surrounded by teak and oak - all constructed by our skilled craftsman. This makes the Prince, together with our Princess Junk, the outstanding member of our Royal family. The Prince junk is the perfect choice for families, couples or small groups.

The Prince I

Launched: September 2007
Length: 24.0 metres
Width: 6.2 metres
2 Deluxe Cabins (1 double, 1 triple)
2 Upper Luxury
Dinning Areas: Inside and Outdoors
2 Spacious Sundecks and Relaxation Areas
2 Staff Sections
2 Kitchens

The Prince II & III

Launched in March 2009
Length: 26.0 metres
Width: 6.2 metres
4 Deluxe Cabins
2 Lounge Decks for Dinning
1 Sundeck and Relaxation Area
1 Staff Section
1 Kitchen

Red Dragon Junk

>> Red Dragon Junk Halong Bay Trip 2 Days/1 Night

>> Red Dragon Junk Halong Bay Trip 3 Days/2 Nights

Named and designed after an authentic Chinese junk, the original Red Dragon junk plied the rivers, seas and harbours of the Far East, from Singapore to northern China. Our Red Dragon is complete with five deluxe cabins and designed to resonate with superior class and grandeur. Larger than The Prince and Princess it is still small enough to get up close to the natural wonders, pocket lagoons and small fishing communities of Halong and Bai Tu Long bays. As soon as you board the Red Dragon, you will be surrounded by traditional handmade artisan woodwork. Whether you are relaxing in the comfort of your own cabin, lounging on the spacious sun deck, or dinning in the cosy restaurant, you will feel treated like royalty. This masterpiece is a wonderful option for those who need a little more space for a small group cruise of up to 11 people.

Features of the Red Dragon

Number of junks: 2
The Red Dragon 1: Launched April 2008
The Red Dragon 2: Launched September 2008
Length: 25.0 metres
Width: 6.0 metres
5 Deluxe Cabins (3 Double, 1 Twin and 1 Triple)
2 Upper Luxury Dinning Areas: Inside and Outdoors
2 Spacious Sundecks and Relaxation Areas: Front and Back
1 Staff Section
1 Kitchen

Dragon Pearl Junk

>> Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay Trip 2 Days/1 Night

>> Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay Trip 3 Days/2 Nights

The newest and the largest of the Indochina Junk family, the three Dragon’s Pearl Junk are modelled on the traditional Chinese junks that used to sail these waters. Whether you are dinning in the restaurant, lounging on one of the two sundecks or relaxing in the comfort of your cabin, you will be surrounded by the handcrafted teak and oak that make the Dragon’s Pearl wonderful sailing vessels. This classic junk is ideal for parties for larger groups (up to 20 people) or even incentive groups. Alternatively book a berth and get to meet new friends as you cruise the bay.

Features of the Dragon’s Pearl

Number of Junks: 3
The Dragon’s Pearl 1: Launched April 2010
The Dragon’s Pearl 2: Launched June 2010
The Dragon’s Pearl 3: Launched July 2010
Length: 29.0 metres
Width: 6.9 metres
11 Deluxe Cabins (7 Double, 4 Twin)
2 Upper Luxury Dinning Areas: In and Outdoors
2 Spacious Sundecks and Relaxation Areas: Front and Back
1 Staff Section
1 Kitchen

Safety Cruise

Safety Facilities
All the boats are equipped with life vest in each cabin, at public area, life buoys, life raft that enough for guests and crew on board.
In each cabin, we arrange life vest at easy place to find and use, there are lighters and hammers for emergency case. There is also fire alarm, fire extinguishers at different areas on board, following the standard guide and ready to use.
Entering your cabin, you will find diagram to exit in emergency case for all areas on board.
Each boat is followed with tender and there is also life vest on it.
The boats are supported marine equipment: VHF radio, GPS plotting, walkie-talkie, Walter licking alarm system, water pump system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers.
Onboard safety
Our crew, captain and tour guide will welcome you on board to give brief information about the trip with itinerary, crews, activities and safety information. You will be guided to safety facility on board; it is also information about weathers.
Before each activity (swimming, kayaking, floating village, dinner in cave…), our guide will give short introduction and warning to visitors, depending on weather conditions and seasons features, we recommend you to listen carefully to these information.
The canoe is available to transfer guest immediately to harbor in the short time regarding health safety.
The medical aid is available for use on board.
Marine Search and Rescue team with essential skills and training with rescue equipment to deal with emergency.
Our team always takes care of weather conditions in advance under control of Halong Bay Management Board.
Maintenance and Registration
All the boats has been well maintained every six month and daily technical supervision before cruise. Our technical team plans maintenance schedule for each boat in different period of the year, based on boat facility and season feature. In any urgent case, we immediately put to dry docks for maintenance at our own ship yard.
Our boats are strictly registered and checked by local authority annually.
Safety training
All crews have to join training course about safety, first aid, how to deal with emergency case and take care of guests on board.
Food hygiene and drink safety
All the fresh materials are ordered from prestigious local suppliers and supermarket.
Beverage is provided by reputable suppliers for not only good quality, but also variety of types.
From all fresh materials, our professional chefs have made the dish aesthetic, while ensuring quality.


Kayaking in Halong Bay is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages…Kayaks go where other big boats cannot. Depending on trip length, visitors have different kayak route and time frame. Cruise with Indochina Junk, paddling around the islands, get closer to limestone karst and enjoy the breathtaking nature in a less visited corner of Bai Tu Long Bay must be a great experience for life. When kayaking, you must follow the tour guide; it is risky to do by yourself without warning or instruction. The tour guide will help you use paddle and guide you to the safe area. Life jacket is a must for this activity when cruising Halong Bay. You can need to prepare suitable clothes: T-shirt and short, swimming suit in summer; warm clothes in the winter; wet shoes, hat, sunglasses… bring water, sun cream, dry bag storing camera, insect repellent… Thanks to the bay’s thousands of islands the conditions for sea kayaking are ideal - the water is calm, the current is fine and the wind is not too strong.
Beach BBQ
After some enjoyable kayaking, there is no better way of treating yourself than with a private seafood barbecue on an unspoilt beach. Within minutes a quiet beach is transformed into a romantic spot with beautiful umbrellas providing shade and an elegant dining table right on the beach. Our crew will invite you for a BBQ lunch on the beach - as if it were a wonderful gift granted by a mermaid. Imagine for a moment that you are the only people on earth enjoying a fabulous meal under the clear blue sky on your own private beach. Start with a glass of wine and proceed to enjoy an array of succulent, grilled seafood. The melodious music of the waves will put the finishing touches to the perfect, dreamy ambience. This BBQ on the beach is offered and included in 3 day 2 night cruise with Princess Junk, Prince Junk, Red Dragon Junk and other longer itinerary.
Fishing Trip
Going fishing with local fishermen makes for an excellent tour. Indochina Junk is the first and only company in Halong Bay offering this program. Fishing is one of the daily life activities of local fisherman in Halong Bay, they live in the floating village and go fishing every day. In the fishing trip, you will be transferred to a local fishing boat, designed in traditional style and experience making noise, casting the fish net and get your results as a real locals. Our fishing trips create the genuine feeling of being a fisherman on these waters, and make an exciting and interesting excursion for all tourists.
Dining in a cave
After a whole day packed full of activities, we anchor at a secluded harbor where you will enjoy an amazing dinner in your private cave. Pass through the cave’s mouth and along the candle-lit pathway for the most enchanting of experiences. Allow yourself to be bewitched by the mystical scenery inside. The dinner will be an unforgettable experience as much for the delicious and beautifully presented food, as for the romantic setting. This is a wonderful occasion, ideal for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday, or even a special surprise for your loved one. Enjoy, share, relax - it will make your trip even more memorable. Our crews will welcome and provide you unique experience elegantly; they will cheer the group or prepare a romantic private space for couple. This dinner in cave will be included in the package of Dragon’s Pearl Junk, 3 day 2 night trip.
Mangrove Forestation
As part of our ecotourism programme for a responsible environment in Halong Bay, our mangrove forestation project was first initiated by Indochina Junk for the purpose of restoring an area of mangrove that has been reduced by the effects of nature and man. We are helping to create a living environment for the species to provide abundant marine resources for those living in the fishing villages around Halong Bay. This is one of the project in “For a green Halong Bay” program, aim to support local people; raise their awareness to protect environment and develop sustainable tourism. By joining our mangrove forestation tour, visitors have a chance to show their responsibility through practical activities such as planting mangrove trees. A bit of hard work and a lot of fun, join in the activities you never thought you would do in modern life even if you had the time. Join in, and experience a unique experience with us.

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